Real Love Wins

The Kwans

Hello! We are Sam & Dani.
A husband and wife photography & cinematography duo!

We love creating authentic and creative storytelling through photography and filming weddings. We enjoy telling stories of people in love all around the globe. Travelling, meeting people, nature, exploring new cities is some of the things we love doing together.

When we capture your story, we really want this day to be real and reflect who you are. We like to think that our clients are our friends, who we get the privilege to be part of such an important time in your lives. This means we take limited weddings in a year and spend time getting to know you.

Our creative approach is best described as a blend of documentary, art and storytelling.

We love creative weddings and elopements, from sweeping mountain tops to seaside villages, snazzy cities to secret beaches.

Two Together:
We met on a ship.
Travelled to over 49 countries.
We live in Northern Ireland, but take time out to travel each year!


I enjoy discovering new places and trying out new things.

I grew up in Singapore, lived in London and Melbourne.

I like taking things apart to see how they work.

Self-confessed nerd and nocturnal owl.

Some of my friends call me “ninja”, I have no idea why.

I’m partially obsessed with good light!


I was born in Ireland, my neighbours were cows (literally). 

I am both serious and humorous, light-hearted and a deep thinker, quiet and chatty but overall I am easy-going and enjoy getting to know people.

I started making films when I was 14 and by age 18 I was a full-time camera operator/editor in a video production company in England. 

At age 20, I was invited to work in the audiovisual department onboard a ship that travels around the globe. This is where I met the goofy and adorable Sam who also worked in the same department.

Two years later we were married and Cinematic Tide was birthed. I absolutely love the opportunity we have to meet so many amazing couples. It’s a joy to adventure with them, celebrate with them and create experiences that reflect who they are.

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