“Any good marriage is secret territory, a necessary white space on society’s map. What others don’t know about it is what makes it yours.”
— Stephen King, Bag of Bones



“Dani is from Ireland & Sam is from Singapore. We are international wedding photographers & cinematographers. Filled with a spirit of adventure, fun and storytelling. We capture weddings all over Ireland, UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and the US.”

  • Best Videographer team EVER!!
    Tim and Lindy
  • Absolutely amazing knack of capturing the moment.
    Jeremy and Cheri
  • Thanks so much to you and your team for sharing and capturing our special day!!! You guys were so much fun to have around and I would recommend you to anyone!!
    Lauren and Ciaran
  • Amazing wonderful friendly company one of the most nicest people I have ever came across!! Couldn't have asked for a better wedding videographer ever!! They do exactly what they say to the highest level I'm so pleased with are short film it sums up are day in a matter of minutes and I see the bits I couldn't on the day.
    Danielle and Rodney
  • Amazing talent and absolute pleasure to work with. Cant thank you enough for our wedding video. We love it.
    Eva and John
  • Amazing wedding videos! Capture unforgettable moments like no other!
  • Best wedding investment to date!!! Cinematic Tide were amazing to work with... so professional, easy going & great craic...really do tell your story just the way it happens & the end product was more than what we ever hoped for - a lifetime of wonderful memories.
    Orla and Kevin


Here’s to Betty and Jon, the adventurers, the risk takers, the rain and cold bravers, the muddy field walkers. The two lovers.

F L O R E N C E , I T A L Y

Walk through the vineyards and the warmth of a summer’s day in Florence, Italy.

W I L D   L O V E

You really need the speakers turned up and have a glass of wine and
if you can, watch on a big screen!

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