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Santorini four Day Wedding Adventure with Patti & Lawson

When you want to give your family and friends from Australia and the Philippines a lifetime of adventure, you bring them to Santorini! Patti and Lawson did just that!

Lawson and Patti are both based in Australia but chose Santorini Greece for their wedding day and celebrations. They got married in Cavo Ventus, a private sunset-facing villa that is tucked away from the crowds and noise of Oia.

They included a lot of Greek traditions such as a delicious Greek barbeque, traditional Greek dancing and plate smashing. They also included some traditions from the Philippines where Patti’s family is from. They did a sunrise shoot in Oai the day before the wedding, they had the whole town and sunrise to themselves! They also had an evening shoot at Akra Skaros two nights before their wedding.

The night before the wedding, we joined Patti and Lawson’s family and friends to mingle and get to know more people before the beautiful wedding began the following afternoon.

The wedding was wild and crazy and so beautiful. Last minute, Lawson decided to have ‘The Final Countdown’ song playing for his entrance to the ceremony. They shared the most intimate and personal vows to each other and later impressed all their guests with a dance choreography they had been working hard on.

The day after the wedding, they planned a sunset cruise for any guests that wanted to join in. It was the best post-wedding idea because their guests were relaxed, dived into the sea, enjoyed another Greek barbeque and watched the golden sunset.

After spending 4 days with Lawson and Patti and then meeting all their amazing friends and family, we wished it didn’t have to end but we were very thankful we got to be a part of their celebrations & capture the whole experience.

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