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How to pull off a mountain top proposal - Jonathan and Sarah Blesse


On the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains with a detour to Yosemite, a young man hatches a plan to finally propose to his girlfriend!  Sit by the fire and hear their story!

Everything had been planned with Jonathan about 3 months before the actual date. Jonathan and Sarah love going on hikes and had planned to go to some amazing places.  He had asked if we could come along and casually “hang out” with them, we hadn’t actually met Sarah before!   However nothing was scripted on the day and everything we caught on film was captured as it happened, except for a little scheming from Jonathan (aka. Big Blesse)!

Sarah had always mentioned that she wanted her friends and family to be there for her engagement. Jonathan is a camp manager over at Hume Lake, and straight after the proposal and little hike down, Sarah was surprised with a beautiful evening tea party!  Their friends really know how to pull off one of the most fantastic engagement parties we’ve been to!

Thank you Jonathan and Sarah, for giving us this adventure of a lifetime and to be part of a moment so special and precious to the both of you.

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