Photography & Cinematography

We've got some answers for your questions!


We book a limited amount of photography & film weddings a year. Creating something personal and unforgettable for our couples is really important. We want to be a good fit for you and it is important for us that we get to know you a little bit! So do fill in the form below and let us know your plans and about yourselves! We put in our heart and soul into making what you get as amazing and captivating as possible.

We will check our availability and send you a brochure for our packages and options. Most of our packages are specially tailored according to our couple’s wants.

We have limited availability left for 2019, so do get in touch below when you can.


How many weddings do you take a year?
We used to do a ton of weddings, 50+ Irish summer weddings condensed into a 3-4 month period (eeks). We felt we couldn’t give you our passion, energy and the attention that you deserve. So each year it changes but we are taking only 10 weddings for 2019. We love that we get to focus on quality instead of quantity. You deserve that!


How long have you guys been doing this?
Dani started young! Since 15 years old, film making has always been her passion and a creative outlet. Fun fact! She made a film that won an award in a Northern Irish Film Festival! She was also in a production company in England for 1.5 years shooting producing, shooting and editing documentaries.

Sam picked up a film camera when he was 14! He studied graphic & multimedia design in Singapore & Melbourne, Australia. He then found his love for video and photography combined over a decade ago!


What’s your style?
We are big on story and capturing moments that help tell that story. We craft our films and photography according to your personalities and who you are as a couple. We are natural & relaxed, yet intentional at what we are shooting. We love the high energy moments on the dance floor or the quiet ones alone with each other taking in what’s before you.

We strive to create something authentic that is captivating and reflective of you. There’s a little bit of honesty, love, joy, rawness, and celebration in all of it! Through our chats and conversations we will craft all of this and create a personal experience for you!


Where are you based? Can we come to you?
We are just 10 minutes away from the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland. We are literally minutes away from a multitude of Game of Thrones locations here! There are mile-long beaches, dramatic cliffs, rock faces, and ancient sites! But we also travel to nationally and internationally (we’ve been to 60+ countries and shot in over 30 countries).


Who shoots what?
We both shoot photography & video! We use the same cameras for both, so we are versatile in that area! We also shoot video or photo exclusively. So this means you can choose your own photographer while we focus solely on video or we focus solely on photography and you can hire a different videographer. We have some highly talented friends in our industry that we can recommend!


How many images do you include?
It depends which package you pick and the length of the wedding or elopement. We usually say a minimum of 300 photos for an 8 hour wedding but we don’t believe in withholding the number of images we give to you. Our desire is to give you as many captured memories as we can. It’s always better to over deliver when possible, rather than under promise how many images you will receive.


How long is my film?
Depending on which package you pick, our Short Film is usually between 4-7 minutes long. This is a crafted and curated film, so we focus on story rather than on quantity. We also have a Feature Film option (which is between 7-10 mins long). It happens when we believe we have a lot more material to work with! Chat with us and we’ll tell you how!

You also have an optional add-on of Documentary Edit (20mins +), Toast/Speeches and Ceremony Highlights.


Do you give RAW footage/images?
For Photography:
No. We believe especially for photography, our editing is 50% of the magic! We don’t hold back how many images we give you! Sometimes we might have missed delivering a photo or two, just ask us and we can check for you!

For Film:
Yes, it is available to purchase. We do offer this as video is a different medium. It will be available to you for personal reference only. You can add this on after the wedding!


Do you guys “photoshop” us?
We love you just as you are! But if there are some unintended temporary blemishes or scars, let us know if you want to remove them (or keep it in). Inform us preferably before the day or on the day if there are anything you want us to be aware of while capturing you.


What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?
That’s pretty rare but sometimes things go out of our control. We have a trusted team of associates but also a great community of photographers and videographers behind us. We will do our best to find alternatives for you! We will never want to leave you high and dry!


How does it work for Destination Weddings?
We usually arrive two days before the wedding. We love meeting you guys before and scout for locations. If you book an Adventure Session with us, you also have the option to do it before or after the wedding!

On top of the package you choose to book, all we ask is if you can cover our travel/accommodation at cost. We don’t charge any additional travel fees. A good quiet comfortable bed in an area close to the relevant locations is all we need. We don’t mind staying with you in the same airbnb, hotel, family/friends house or whatever it may be! If it works out better we can get picked up instead of paying for a rental car as well. Whatever helps you save some money!

We will book our own flights and rental car, so that you don’t have to worry about any extra admin. We can look for our own accommodation too if that works better for you. We will ensure we tell you before we book so everything is upfront and there’s no hidden cost!

To help you calculate accommodation, you can use Airbnb or
For flights: We fly either from Belfast International Airport (BHS), Belfast City Airport (BHD) or Dublin Airport (DUB).


How will we receive our photos and films?
You will be sent a unique link to your film (ie: You will be able to download the original files for safekeeping as well. You can also share the link with your friends and family!

We use a beautiful online gallery where you can share with your friends and family. You will have a Client Exclusive Access to mark photos you want private. We also have an Online Store where you can order albums, prints etc… You can also choose to download the high-resolution images of your entire gallery or individual photos to your computer.


How long till we get to see our photos and films?
We know you are very eager! It does depend on the season, during summer it can get quite busy!

Photography – Usually between 5-8 weeks.
Films – Usually between 12-16 weeks

Video takes a bit longer as we need time to craft your film! We sometimes spend hours picking the right soundtrack to your film. Audio needs to fit well with the visuals and flow of the film!


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes we do! We require a 25% retainer of the final amount. We can then split into monthly payments before the wedding date and up to 2 months after the wedding date. A few of our couples love this and we are flexible in working something out with your schedule!


How do we book you guys?
We are so happy you guys have made this decision! We’ll send you a proposal and contract with all the details, you pick what you want, and we’ll send you details on the retainer fee and you are ready to rock!


Do we pick the music for our films?
For the Short Film/Feature Film:
Music is such an important part of our films! The soundtrack sets the mood and the feel to what the film is saying. They say it’s what makes or breaks the story. We take a lot of time to pick the right music! That’s how much we care in making sure the visuals go well with what we pick.

For the Documentary Edit:
You can pick from a wide variety of licensed music. They are great!

We have also commissioned music pieces to be made, or words to be written. We also love to know what you love listening to and what you don’t really like!


What do you guys shoot with?
We believe our cameras are only tools at telling the stories. We like being ninjas, keeping our gear light and easy to move around. Our cameras are small and unobtrusive but all our equipment is used by professionals alike. We also like to hide microphones when we can. Ninja.


Can you help in our planning process?
Yes! We have shot hundreds of weddings and being married ourselves we know how daunting and how crazy it can be! We are very happy to help you out as much as you want! If you are planning a destination wedding/elopement, we have traveled quite a bit ourselves, so we would happy to give some travel and wedding hacks to you!