Photography & Cinematography

Swimming in a lake in Sweden with Emalise & Andrew

Have you ever got to a location and you thought it was something out of a movie? Somewhere in Vasteras (yep it’s pronounced Westeros like in Game of Thrones!) Emalise & Andrew eloped with a small group of family in their ancestral home on an island!

There is so much meaning behind the location of this wedding.

Emalise is from America, Andrew is from Canada. Great grandfather was from Sweden and used to swim in the lake. Lakes are also important to Andrew, he grew up beside the quiet sounds of the lake.

The night before the wedding we were invited to join them at a relatives house for pizza. We were so excited to capture this because we had heard so much about Andrew’s love for frequently eating pizza! It was also really special to meet the Swedish relatives and watch the families bond closer together.

They got married on a very small island, outside a little red house where some of their Swedish relatives grew up. They wanted an intimate wedding with just their parents as guests for their ceremony. The rest of their relatives from Sweden joined them later for dessert & cake. They ended the night with an evening meal back at the Steam Hotel with their parents.

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